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Park Square Development Render Dusk


Durban’s most considered new development combines an exceptional commercial offering with a discerning retail and lifestyle component. It’s the premium address on the uMhlanga Ridge: a natural extension of the CJ Saunders Park, where business and lifestyle seamlessly meet in a vibrant urban square that invites the public to connect and experience the best of Durban.



  • Situated in the heart of uMhlanga Ridge’s thriving business hub
  • An urban-inspired space that connects business and the community around a vibrant public square
  • P-Grade and A-Grade options available
  • 4-Star green star rated building
  • Secure Onsite parking
  • Easy and convenient access


  • Considered public space to connect, relax or unplug
  • Take the boardroom outside and do business in a refreshing and open environment
  • Transition from work to play and day to night


  • Open and inviting
  • Foot traffic from the surrounding precinct and from within the buildings
  • Seamlessly connected to nearby residential communities
  • A curated selection of convenience retail
  • Generous, secure covered parking and pedestrian walkways


Posted on 06 Nov 2018


The wait for uMhlanga’s latest business and lifestyle development is over as Park Square, an exceptional business and lifestyle destination for professionals and community members, finally opens its doors. The R1billion Four Star Green Star-rated development, developed by Nedport Developments, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nedbank, features 36 000m² of commercial space, a 4 000m² retail area and a 3 500m² connected open square.

The generous retail arcade with some of Durban’s finest stores, restaurants and coffee shops, connects the square with the lush Chris Saunders Park. Indigenous trees, grass and planter boxes form part of the development’s design to create an attractive natural open space where a connected work culture and distinctive leisure and retail elements exist side by side.

Designed with people in mind, Park Square connects the surrounding communities through considered stores, restaurants and services while simultaneously being a dynamic place for professionals to work and socialize. Outlets to look out for include a brand new top-tier Spar and Tops at Spar, Medstone Pharmacy, Armitage Men’s Outfitters, Pizza Hut, Postnet, Hello Hunny Beauty Studio, Seattle Coffee, Mike’s Kitchen, Sergeant Coffee, D’Lishious Shawarma, the Eye Gallery, Eazi Laundromat and International Bank Vaults.

On the mix of retail outlets, Nedport Director, Ken Reynolds commented, “Selecting the right assortment of retailers for Park Square was a thorough process. We are confident that we have an excellent combination of fashion, food and coffee purveyors as well as great service providers that will attract people to the development to shop, relax and get things done.”

Located on the uMhlanga Ridge close to Gateway Theatre of Shopping, a GO!Durban Integrated Rapid Transport System stop and other attractions, and with ample parking, Park Square will benefit from excellent access in an upmarket, safe and convenient location. Office areas will enjoy a second, more exclusive breakout space which enhances the development’s people-centred approach.

“We look forward to welcoming the community to see what our beautiful considered new space has to offer. We are sure they will be impressed!” concludes Reynolds. Visit to find out more.

Posted on 30 Oct 2018


The Mercer Quality of Living Ranking has said it three years in a row now so it’s official; Durban is the best South African city to live in, hands down. We couldn’t agree more and here are five reasons why we love this sultry east coast city:

The Vitamin D effect

Steamy in the summer and temperate in the winter, Durbanites are always chuffed about life because they get an adequate supply of Vitamin D and then some. That’s not to say they aren’t sun-safe (pass the SPF 95, please), but we get a lot of sun which means we always feel like we’re on holiday, even when we’re not…

Life’s a beach

With two world-class promenades featuring an array of sports clubs, restaurants and coffee shops, the beachfront is where life happens. Whether you’re into surfing, SUP’ing, jogging, pushing a pram, rollerskating, or yoga, everyone is welcome.

The 9 to 5 in uMhlanga

With businesses moving north and enormous private and public investment taking place in the uMhlanga Precinct, this is a first-rate working environment where people can work and enjoy the many urban amenities on offer. Plus, you can catch a wave on your lunch break. What could be better than that? A smorgasbord of culture and cuisine Durban is the melting pot where cultures collide. From African to Indian and European, we have so many different influences and it shows in our mouthwatering street food including our most famous dishes, the bunny chow and the ubiquitous shisa nyama.

Durban is connected

We’ve got sub-Saharan Africa’s busiest harbour, excellent road networks and the King Shaka International Airport. In fact, British Airways has introduced a flight between London Heathrow and Durban, the first direct flight between the coastal city and Europe in two decades. Weekly flights begin from the end of October. Now that’s something to smile about. While these are our top five picks, there are countless other reasons why Durban is quite frankly, fabulous. Stay tuned to the Park Square, Durban’s finest business and lifestyle destination, newsletter for more news and views about what makes Durban the best city to work and live in!

Posted on 30 Oct 2018


The final countdown has begun for the grand opening of Park Square, uMhlanga’s catalytic mixed-use campus, set to launch in November. Featuring 36 000 square metres of premium office space, 4 000 square metres retail area and 3 500 square metres of open public space, the unique development is a 4-Star Green Star rated building that will transform the skyline of the uMhlanga Ridge Town Centre.

Nedbank will occupy half the office space, while anchor tenant Spar is set to serve as a convenient grocery shopping destination for locals. Park Square has already earned several awards, with the building contractors achieving an outstanding safety record – reaching well over 1,5million man-hours LTIF (lost time injury free) during construction. The site also won the regional Master Builders Association (MBA) categories for Best Housekeeping and Best Scaffolding, was the overall regional winner for its category and placed second in the national MBA 2017 awards.

The beautiful 3 500 square metre outdoor piazza that will service the retail shops and restaurants is a dynamic place where people can linger to enjoy the wonderful outdoor climate or simply use as an access point for other amenities in the building. People-centred and transparent, uMhlanga awaits the opening of Park Square with bated breath. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up to date with what’s on the cards for Park Square.

Posted on 30 Oct 2018


Creating working, playing and living spaces that respect the environment is not a new trend, but there are developments that are truly embracing the responsibility. Park Square is one of them. The greening of Park Square is being spearheaded by Carin de Beer and Georgina Smit and a team of specialists from the engineering firm, ARUP, and Park Square’s Construction Green Building and Environment Manager, Hester Badenhorst.

The development has achieved a 4-Star Green Star rating for Design and is in pursuit of a second As-Built Green Star rating upon completion. “Ensuring a building is 4-Star Green-Star rated is a complex and all-consuming process,” says Georgina. “But we found that the team working on Park Square were in full support of our mission. From day one it was a collaborative effort that saw us all working towards a clear vision.” The sustainability team have tackled a multitude of Park Square features, including energy consumption, water use, waste reduction and public transport access. Says Georgina, “One of the astounding ways in which the construction team have supported our mission was through actively trying to reduce their building material and finding ways to constructively use what building waste there was.”

Beautiful examples of this are the outdoor seating in the piazza as well as the cladding in the entrance lobby that are all made entirely out of building waste To have several teams work so seamlessly towards a common goal like a sustainable build there have to be processed in place to ensure everyone is on the same page. “One of our most important collaborative exercises was our innovation workshops held at the beginning of the concept design stage,” says Georgina. “In each of these workshops, we got together with the relevant parties and brainstormed how best to make the green-star rating goal accessible for their portion of the build.”

“The innovation workshops also unpacked what elements were most important for the client,” Hester explains. “In this case, it was energy consumption and indoor environmental quality. It was very important to ensure that good design principle was applied to the indoor areas and that we were thinking about things like air quality and natural light – all very important when promoting productivity and well-being,” she adds. Carin explains further: “Daylight is an important aspect of sustainability in a building both in terms of energy savings and comfort and wellbeing of the occupants. Integrated lighting design relies on using natural light effectively.

At ARUP, we believe in a 24-hour lighting philosophy, which means we develop holistic lighting solutions that carefully balance and combine daylight and electric lighting. I believe we have succeeded to do just this with Park Square.” A building’s façade is crucial to its energy efficiency, which was a key client requirement in Park Square’s green-star rating. The ARUP sustainability team did a high-level study to determine how façades would respond to various orientations.

“The intent was to look at ways in which the design could be optimised to suit the local climate conditions with a view to improving the buildings energy performance,” explains Carin. “We found that a well-designed envelope can reduce the total energy consumption of the building by up to 40%.” “In addition,” adds Carin, “a façade optimised to lower radiant heat gain and increase natural daylight levels is said to increase staff productivity and can significantly reduce operational costs of lighting and HVAC energy consumption.”

In the case of Park Square – the building predominantly faces North East, South East, North West and South West, orientations that often require significant treatment due to the combination of high and low sun angles. ARUP tested seven different façade responses. Six of the seven consisted of full height glazing and various shading devices, with only one including half glazing and half masonry/spandrel panel. Says Carin, “each type was simulated for all four orientations to determine the Daylight Factor and annual Cooling Energy Consumption. We then gave the architects a pallet of acceptable solutions for each orientation to choose from.”

Construction materials and new builds, as well as the ongoing operation and maintenance of buildings, make up a substantial amount of our greenhouse gas emissions. This makes it vital that architects and engineers find ways to work responsibly to create a beautiful, innovative and sustainable design.

From facades to natural light to reduced waste, Park Square’s team have no doubt ticked all these boxes and the development is set to become a sustainable benchmark in Durban’s built arena.

Posted on 17 Oct 2018


Park Square, uMhlanga’s newest business and lifestyle development is due to open its doors in November 2018. Interfacing beautifully with its surrounds, the development offers a future-forward, people-centred destination where the surrounding communities and professionals can shop, work and connect. Hunt PR’s Melanie Rosettenstein connected with Jarryd Murray, MAP Architects Director and co-founder, to get the inside track on the vision to create a connected community through this new building.

When in 2015 Jarryd Murray and Charles Taylor, director’s at MAP Architects and his team were approached by Nedbank to design a space that would accommodate their KwaZulu-Natal team, the brief was to create a structure which would allow the easy flow of people through the development but also accommodate a 17,500m² space to house their staff in addition to general commercial and retail space. Having grown up on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast, Jarryd loves the great outdoors and has witnessed the area’s urban transformation over the years.

Passionate about creating dynamic urban spaces in our landscape, it’s no wonder that on designing Park Square, he has designed a space that responds perfectly to Durban’s climate and at the same time will be a connected urban landmark on the uMhlanga Ridge. After spending some time pinning down the vision, Jarryd and his team set about conceptualising an off-the-ground design that would see the commercial elements ‘hovering’ above a perfectly activated retail arcade and square which people could use for shopping and simply enjoying the city’s unique, outdoor lifestyle. The idea to create a connected community which would simultaneously be an exceptional business destination for professionals to work and socialise and a dynamic urban space to activate the local community was born.

The emphasis at Park Square is undoubtedly on transparency. The simple and modular building design features raw concrete slabs, steel beams, generous concrete overhangs and glassed infills. Column placements, exposed ramps and staircases are optimised to allow for easy foot traffic flow throughout the building. “Even though Park Square has them, our brief was for the design to discourage people from using the elevators,” says Jarryd.

The development’s 36,000m² commercial element is housed on the perimeter of its upper floors and features its own rooftop which is punctuated with over 100 planters to be filled with indigenous landscaping. Abundant space to sit and take a break or meet informally is available to effectively take the office outside and into nature for the benefit of workers. “Here professionals can use the outside spaces to relax and unplug. All the offices are just a short walk from each other and this underpins the connected nature of this business community,” says Jarryd. Nedbank’s space features a double volume lobby, a vertical garden and is open to people moving in and around the building. While the development’s western side is open and multi-levelled, the eastern side which faces the CJ Saunders Park is mostly glass.

Jarryd remarks, “We wanted to create something unique on the park side which gives back to the surroundings. By using timeless glass, the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal light reflects off the building in a sensitive and ever-changing manner.” More than 3,500m² in size, the generous open square features an amphitheatre, grassed spaces and substantially-sized planters with Fig trees that will ultimately grow to create a lush and shady canopy over the square.

The retail section opens onto the square which means shops and restaurants are easily accessible to the square as an extension of their premises. Linear directional paving channels people through the building’s elements linking with the surrounding buildings and amenities such as the CJ Saunders Park, Gateway Theatre of Shopping and a proposed nearby GO!Durban Integrated Rapid Transport Network stop. The square’s paving is more static and encourages people to stop and use the common break areas like benches and incidental grassy areas. Murray comments, “This space is not overly designed and has been left open, dynamic and versatile for people to use in a way which comes naturally to them.”

The retail section, approximately 4,500m2 in size, includes the Retail Arcade, the development’s main artery which seamlessly links the open square on the western side with the CJ Saunders Park on the eastern side. The arcade’s orientation allows you to see the park through the main building. The connection between the two elements is framed by the park’s trees and those on the square to bring natural elements closer. Murray says, “There are no dead ends within the building which reinforces the easy flow of people through the different sections.”

170 covered retail parking bays and approximately 50 street parking bays ensure ease of access. Among others, the confirmed tenants include a new concept Spar and Tops, Armitage Gent’s Boutique, Seattle Coffee and Mike’s Kitchen. Sergeant Coffee, Hello Hunny, The Eye Gallery, Eazi Laundromat, Pizza Hut, Medstone Pharmacy and PostNet also form part of the tenant mix that can be found at Park Square.

The 1,500m² top tier Spar will feature a 150m² Tops with whisky-tasting. Showcasing a unique aviation theme and even a reception desk, this is a brand-new concept for Durban where shoppers will enjoy a highly convenient and super trendy shopping experience. Jarryd says, “This on-trend, interactive retail experience is exactly what we envisioned when we designed Park Square. Together with our other retailers, the well-considered retail mix means that professionals and the local community won’t have to shop anywhere else.”

Responding to Durban’s warm, outdoor climate, Park Square’s open design reveals the human activity taking place within the development. The result is a visibly connected, integrated and open community where people can come together in a vibrant, urban space.

While final construction continues at great pace to complete the development, Murray concludes, “We look forward to presenting this landmark development to the community as we are sure it will be a place that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.” Visit to find out more.

Posted on 04 Sep 2018


Adhir Imrith (33) is one of the lead engineers involved in the development of Park Square - Durban’s much anticipated new mixed-use development on uMhlanga Ridge. As an Associate at Arup South Africa, a leading global designing, planning and execution firm in the built environment, Adhir has been at the forefront of innovative design and planning over the last few years.

Adhir grew up in Durban and graduated with a BSc. Civil Engineering degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. While completing his degree, he interned at Arup – an experience that changed his life, as well as his approach to engineering and design. In the 11 years after he joined Arup as a graduate, Adhir has been identified as a growing leader, both in the industry and in the firm. He now finds himself leading key projects with his own unique vision and drive for innovation.

Adhir Imrith is congratulated by Arup director, Lee-Zane Greyling on his well-deserved promotion.

“At Arup, we have a very specific way of embracing our role in the built environment,” explains Adhir. “We have a very on-the-ground approach to urbanisation – this means we can see design solutions from all angles, addressing multiple needs. We refer to this ‘Total Architecture’”.

According to Adhir the concept of ‘Total Architecture’ works hand in hand with the idea of ‘Total Design’. So, what does this mean and how do these concepts interact and ultimately impact the process? “There is a deliberate collaboration and an added value to the wider team that comes out of a strong emphasis of working closely with both the client and the team,” he says. “Ultimately this level of collaboration creates a better-built environment,” he adds.

A great example of the power of this collaborative approach is Park Square. There was a very strong working relationship between the architect, Jarryd Murray of MAP Architects, and Imrith. Adhir unpacks the thinking: “With Park Square uMhlanga, the engineering of the structure was shaped to complement the architectural vision – but at the same time the architecture was shaped to genuinely embrace the structure of the building – the two were very much interlinked.

“Park Square’s iconic large spaces and raking columns, though required from a structural point of view, have been beautifully expressed through the architecture and design,” explains Adhir. He goes on to say that one of the greatest but fulfilling engineering challenges to overcome in the design of Park Square was the iconic Nedbank lobby. “The architectural intent for the lobby was to create a large volume with minimal support, this coupled with raking slabs, hanging walkways and complex façade interfaces resulted in two ‘chopstick’ like steel raking columns that have become a signature of the building. It is this respect and trust between structural engineer and architect that enables great architecture and design”.

The success of Park Square’s design and development is a consequence of the extraordinary team involved and Imrith’s giant leap from graduate to associate - reflective of the impact that he has made on the development sector and uMhlanga Ridge’s most sought-after retail and premium commercial development.



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